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Why I name it BarbaTunnel?

BarbaTunnel changes shapes of packets to look to other types of packets just like naughty characters in cool French cartoon that its characters change their shapes. The cartoon is Barbapapa. I loved it when I was a kid.

Why BarbaTunnel is not a standalone tunnel?

I may change it to standalone tunnel later but currently there is no reason. There are already many tunneling software with great feature that act as client and proxy, and I think the best is VPN that usually exists in all systems so why we should create another one? We just have problem for their finger print so BarbaTunnel just change the finger print and bypass following feature to current tunnels

Here is VPN feature:
  1. Built-in
  2. Strong Packets compression
  3. Strong Encryption
  4. Optimized with system by vendor
  5. Already Tested with many clients
  6. Variety of Authentication System such as Windows and Token
  7. User Management already exists
  8. User Accounting already exists with many third party application.
  9. Variety of Standard Protocol
  10. Server Policy
  11. Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) available by system, so all devices arround it like smart TV or unsupported device can use it.
  12. Compatible with local parental software

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