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  • Update: Revert back to WinDivert 1.1.1 due to instability suspicions.


  • Update: Disable BarbaTunnel own KeepAlive mechanism for Stream Connections (TCP and HTTP) and start using Windows TCP built-in keep feature.
  • Update: Compile with latest version of the WinPkFilter Library (3.1.3).
  • Update: Compile with latest version of the WinDivert Library (1.1.2-rc).
  • Update: Remove AutoFix WinDivert Installation, I wish WinDivert now handle it by its own.
  • Update: Change KeepAlive Default from 60 to 30 Second.
  • Fix: Sending 'keepAlive' more than total port in UDP-Tunnel.


  • Feature: New UDP Tunnel! Shrink UDP packets to a smaller size and send to multi destination ports with multi source ports. It's much more complicated than UDP-SimpleTunnel but I couldn't get better performance :((
  • Update: Imporve BarbaMonitor performance by disable updating log while BarbaMonitor is minimized or invisible.
  • Update: Change old UDP-Tunnel to UDP-Simple-Tunnel and just keep it for sample.
  • Fix: Display Server Address in ServerMode when LogAnonymously is 1.
  • Remove: Remove UDP Tunnel Compatibility from old versions, the UDP packet format has been changed.
  • Source: Refactor BarbaConnections, BarbaCouriers.
  • Source: Add BarbaCouriersDatagram


  • Update: Change LogIpAddress to LogAnonymously in barbatunnel.ini.
  • Update: Name of Config's Parent folder will not show when LogAnonymously is 0.


  • Feature: Upgraded to WinDivert 1.0.4 signed driver. There is no more need to force windows x64 going to test mode and restart. Hurray!
  • Feature: Add time to log file.
  • Feature: Add TimeZone to barbatunnel.ini, let you specify a time zone for log file.
  • Feature: Add LogIpAddress to barbatunnel.ini. The default does not show any IP address in log file.
  • Update: Better BarbaMonitor scrolling.
  • Remove: Remove useless Report CheckBox from BarbaMonitor. I really wonder why I create it!
  • Remove: Setup Files does not set Windows x64 to test mode any more.


  • Feature: Add HTTP Bombard (Request Per Packets), Now Work with HTTP-Proxies.
  • Feature: Add Log Level instead verbose mode.
  • Feature: Add TCP-Tunnel.
  • Feature: Add TCP & HTTP Multi Port.
  • Update: Add L2TP GrabProtocols to config.ini template files.
  • Update: Increase HTTP log.
  • Update: Increase "HTTP Max User Connections" from 20 to 100.
  • Update: Decrease "Socket Thread Stack Size" from 32 KB to 8 KB.
  • Update: Optimizing HTTP Tunnel.
  • Update: Template folder structure and its FileNames changed.
  • Update: Decrease BarbaMonitor log buffer from 150 KB to 60 KB.
  • Update: Compile with latest version of the WinPkFilter Library (3.1.2).
  • Update: Compile with latest version of the WinDivert Library (1.0.3).
  • Update: Improve Automatic AdapterIndex finder for WinpkFilter.
  • Update: Always update WinDivert driver path to one of BarbaTunnel folder.
  • Fix: BarbaTunnel didn't restart on WinDivert when there is no appreciating network.
  • Fix: Crash when invalid packet received.
  • Fix: Server couldn't listen to all servers assigned IP when server address is empty.
  • Remove: Remove HTTP Tunnel Compatibility from old versions, HTTP packet format has changed.
  • Remove: Remove useless RequestDataKeyName from Config.ini. Now generated by key.
  • Source: Refactor HTTP & TCP Tunnel source.


  • Fix: BarbaTunnel now work on Windows XP, (BarbaMonitor & BarbaService could not run on Windows XP because of .NET 4.5. Windows XP users should run BarbaTunnel.exe manually).
  • Update: Compiled with latest version of WinPkfiter (Version 3.1).


  • Fix: Fix WinDivert installation when path changed. Last fix didn't work properly.


  • Fix: Fix WinDivert installation when path changed .
  • Fix: Fix installation on Windows 64bit.


  • Fix: Fix General Failure in Windows 32Bit .


  • Feature: Tested on Windows 8 64bit.
  • Feature: Separate "Auto Start Barba Tunnel" & "Auto Start Barba Monitor".
  • Update: Compiled with Visual Studio 2012.
  • Update: Compiled with .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Update: Compiled with WinDivert 1.0.
  • Change: BarbaMonitor now just display 150KB of log files.
  • Remove: MaxLogFileSize from barbatunnel.ini.
  • Fix: Fix InstallAndRun.bat on Windows 2003 Server.


  • Fix: Fix fake packet size and file size transfer.


  • Fix: BarbaMonitor sometimes didn't restart BarbaTunnel from Restart menu.
  • Fix: Fix memory exception for UDP Tunnel and HTTP-Tunnel.
  • Fix: HTTP-Tunnel fake file size is exactly same as transferred data.
  • Fix: Prevent entire network to freeze if using WinpkFilter driver and BarbaTunnel got freeze.


  • Fix: Failed to establish the connection at first time after windows start-up when using WinDivert.


  • Feature: Add WinDirvert to Filter Driver.
  • Feature: Add x64 binary.
  • Feature: Add FilterDriver option to BarbaTunnel.ini.
  • Feature: Add ability to work with Filter Driver in both data-later and transport-layer.
  • Feature: Add Support for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen virtual machines via WinDivert filter driver.
  • Change: Folder structure changed!
  • Change: Always requires administrator privilege to run BarbaTunnel. No admin User can run it via BarbaService.
  • Source: Change design so can add Filter Driver.
  • Fix: Many minor bugs fixed.


  • Feature: Server can listen to specific network IP so if you have more than one IP on your server and need port 80 for webserver you can assign other port 80 of other IP for BarbaTunnel.
  • Change: Config format changed.


  • Feature: Add KeepAlive.
  • Feature: Add AutoStart.
  • Feature: Add Fake Packet Data Option.
  • Feature: Add Filter packets in Driver by SetPacketFilterTable in WInPkFilter driver.
  • Fix: Fix BarbaMonitor Report Box.
  • Fix: Fix BarbaMonitor memory usage.


  • Feature: Add HTTP Tunnel to BarbaTunnel.


  • Feature: BarbaTunnel First Release.
  • Feature: UDP-Tunnel.
  • Feature: TCP-Redirect, UDP-Redirect.

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