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You can simply configure HTTP-Tunnel of BarbaTunnel on port 80 by setting TunnelPorts to port 80 in config.ini, but if your host already use port 80 for web server you cannot do this. In this case you should have at-least 2 valid IP on your server. By default IIS listen to all IPs, so you should configure IIS to listen on specific IPs associated network IP. Read following document for more information.
Configure IIS to listen on specific IPs.

Note: You will not be able to connect with SSTP VPN to this IP.

BarbaTunnel server just listens to ServerAddress in config.ini by default, so you don't need to specific configuration for it.

Note: you can force BarbaTunnel to listen to all IP by setting ServerAddress to 0 in config.ini of server side.


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